Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tiger Cub is out TODAY!

‘Tiger Cub’ is the story of a Spitfire 'Ace' named John Freeborn who fought with No. 74 'Tiger' Squadron during the early stages of WWII and during the legendary 'Battle of Britain'. John was just 18 years old when he first began to fly operational patrols in hostile skies. His story is at times tragic, inspiring and full of bravery when we consider the many sacrifices made by young men, like John, who took to the skies in order to prevent a German invasion upon British shores. During the summer of 1940, many young men gave up their youth and their lives as they flew daily patrols against the Luftwaffe with hopes of gaining air superiority despite them being vastly outnumbered. As we approach the 69th Anniversary of ‘The Battle of Britain’ it is important that we remember the sacrifices made and courage shown by the fighter pilots who served during such a fierce conflict in our history. I hope you enjoy this book or simply just take the time to remember our heroes.

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