Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tiger Cub - Written by Chris Yeoman

Okay, this blog was designed strictly to showcase my comic work, but I am very proud to announce that my book Tiger Cub is being published by Pen & Sword - http://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/ in July 2009.

I am extremely pleased with how the cover has turned out, as is Wing Commander John Freeborn DFC*, which means the world to me.

John is a dear friend and I have absolutely loved working with him over the past years. He is such a legend and a true hero and I have been really privileged to have had the opportunity to write about his amazing stories during the Battle of Britain. More details to follow! :)



GothicBohemian said...

Hey Chris,

Not sure if you remember me - Ellie Heath's mum? I got wind that you'd written a book through the grapvine so just wanted to stop by and wish you the very best of luck with it's publication - it looks to be a really interesting subject matter.

I once interviewed Douglas Badar for the Surrey Advertiser wayyyy back in the mists of time, not quite realising who he was! Do now though!

Anyway, I'm waffling as usual, but great to see you all grown up and doing so well :-)

Take care you, and please give my regards to your parents.

Kate Heath

Homesick At Space Camp said...

Hey Kate, I do remember you! Actually, I think I may have Ellie on my facebook. Thanks for the good wishes, I appreciate that. That's great that you interviewed Badar! I work with a lot of WWII pilots, but was too young to meet him.

Hope you are doing well!?


keith champagne said...

This is great news, Chris. I wish you luck with it. Be proud of your accomplishment, it looks like a real labor of love.

Joseph William Success Coach said...

Hey man the front cover looks awesome, I cant wait until it comes out ill defo be buying a copy, Jman